CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring and Control System 

The CLEANFlare, Flare Stack Monitoring and Control System is a revolutionary, AI-based, pilot flame and gas-fairing monitoring and control system. Designed for the use of oil, natural gas and chemical industry and with ground-level, elevated or offshore flare stacks,  the CLEANFlare meets any of customer's installation requirements and environmental condition. This remarkably robust and accurate monitoring and control system uses multi-spectral imagers and sets of sensors to autonomously, continuously and accurately monitors the health of a flare in real-time. the CLEANFlare's  embedded PLC is sends control feedback to the production line for flame quality improvement.

when indicating existence of pilot flame, Destruction Efficiency and Smoke Indication ,the CLEANFlare maintains its heightened levels of accuracy even when the flare is in direct line with the sun or when subjected to high winds and inclement weather. The solution is installed remotely from the flare stack, does not interfere with everyday flare operation, requires little to no maintenance and self-configures so it is extremely efficient and economical.

CLEANFlare advantage

Autonomous Real-Time Monitoring

Real time feedback and control

Allow organizations compliance with environmental and safety regulations


Not Effected by Sun, Wind or Inclement Weather

Installed remotely from flair

Reduce energy, oxygen and steam loss

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