Simplicity, elegance, compliance and potency, the CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring and Control System offers enhanced factory management and peace of mind.

Installed remotely from the flare stack and boasting autonomous operation, the solution provides  24/7 protection. The solution operates under all weather conditions, providing continuous and accurate monitoring of all flare stack activity.

Unfettered by weather, exposure to direct sunlight, high stack temperatures and the extreme conditions within the stack, CLEANFlare utilizes advanced, AI-based video processing representing a revolutionary new approach to monitoring compliance that mitigates environmental stresses and helps management comply with mandatory regulations.


Established in 2006, Production Technology LTD supplies SCADA, safety and security image processing solutions to clients over a broad range of industries. With installation base of 15 countries worldwide, the company and its products have successfully tackled the most demanding environmental conditions offered by both industry and nature in addition to managing client's cyber security needs and leading various large-scale integrations.


The company is led by team of seasoned professionals with both operational, technical and management skills.


Amit Cohen

Founder & CEO

Mr. Cohen is an accomplished executive with global experience in leading and managing the execution of global,

large-scale telecommunications, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

As the founder and CEO of the RTNC Group, Mr. Cohen has overseen the integration of technologies for

national-scale projects across South America, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa, incorporating complex environments and sophisticated platforms. Under his leadership, the RTNC Group has successfully positioned itself as a partner of choice for leading players and regional projects for Governmental entities.

Mr. Cohen holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in Law, Military and Security from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as an MBA from IDC Herzliya.

Kobi Jacob

Founder & CTO

A technology expert and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Jacob has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the leadership of all aspects of medium-size organizations including management, sales and business development, operations, industrial and line production management, engineering and loss prevention.

In addition to his position as CTO and founder of Production Technology LTD, Mr. Jacob also serves as the acting CTO of the RTNC Group, a technology integration and incubation consultancy firm, where he has overseen numerous projects and the successful implementation and integration of myriad technologies.

Prior to joining the RTNC Group, Mr. Jacob served as the CEO of Recognix Technologies, an image processing-based solutions provider. Mr. Jacob concentrated the majority of his time and effort in project management resulting in the dramatic expansion of the company's international activities and domains.


Mr. Jacob holds a BSC in Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Robotics from the Technion, Israel's premier technology institute of higher learning.

Noam Shaked

CFO of Advisory Board

Mr. Shaked serves as the CFO of the RTNC Group and is responsible for all of the company's financial functions.

Prior to joining the RTNC Group, Mr. Shaked has served as CFO of two leading global real estate groups, Gazit Global and Brack Capital Real Estate (BCRE), setting in motion highly successful expansion processes through fund raising, mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he has held senior management positions at Ernest & Young, offering high-profile financial consulting services for leading international companies.

Mr. Shaked is a certified public accountant and holds BA degrees in Economics and Accounting as well as an MA from Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

The CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring System is a revolutionary, AI-based, pilot flame and flare monitoring system designed for use with ground-level, elevated and offshore flare stacks for the oil, natural gas and chemical industries as well as landfills. This remarkably robust and accurate monitoring and control system uses multi-spectral imagers that autonomously, continuously and accurately monitor the health of a flare in real-time and sends control feedback to the production line for flame quality improvement.

Unlike other flare stack monitoring systems, CLEANFlare maintains its heightened levels of accuracy even when the flare is in direct line with the sun or when subjected to high winds and inclement weather. The solution is installed remotely from the flare stack, does not interfere with everyday flare operation, requires little to no maintenance and self-configures so it is extremely efficient and economical.

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Autonomous Real-Time Monitoring

Allow organizations compliance with environmental and safety regulations


Not Effected by Sun, Wind or Inclement Weather

Installed remotely from flair

Reduce energy, oxygen and steam loss

CLEANFlare Flare Stack Monitoring System Solution

CLEANFlare advantage

Real time feedback and control